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nChord v3 - HeartEater

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By buying and/or visiting this website,

you accept the License and Terms

Features list

(This color denotes a new nChord v3 - HeartEater feature):




 Full Save and Recall


 3rd party MIDI controller support: with a one-touch MIDI Learn function enabling you to in-harmonically control external sound generators from an external controller seemingly turning nChord into a realtime harmonic translator:


generic MIDI controller


nChord v3 - HeartEater


sound generator

(could act as the generic MIDI controller above if it includes a keybed)


in-harmonic MIDI controller

(far from ďgenericĒ anymore!)



 NoteBoard: a 108 ďnote canvasĒ for state of the art chord design and chord progression design with MIDI input and output support and NoteBoard Sense (for you to input chords in realtime via MIDI)



 ChordLibrary: ~7000 possible chords, featuring avant-garde (pun totally intended!) workflow and ergonomics not ever seen beforeÖ with direct audition with additional chord customization facilities



 Velocity Chord Mixer: Individual chord note velocity (volume) mixer



 Custom Chord Modifiers: Lows Emphasis, Highs Emphasis, Bloat function, Simple Inversion and Complex Inversion



 ScaleLibrary: a library of dozens of musical scales (Major? Harmonic Minor? Gypsy? Bebop? Oriental? Hindu?† You name it... they are all in nChordīs ScaleLibrary) with Replace base scale function



 Realtime, generative scale cycle pre-audition



 ChordBank: for factory/user chord storage and realtime 1-pad-per-chord trigger via MIDI output. Now featuring MIDI input support (for external chord triggering), Chord Edit function, stored Notes Display per chord, Scale Color Feedback (as per stored scale modulations), and Lock ChordBank function


 One-touch chord refined analysis and chord progression suggester



 ModBank: for storing your scale modulations and for quick scale switching, now featuring Color Feedback


 One-touch scale refined analysis and scale modulation suggester



 TileBoard: a MIDI controller surface of harmonically perfect ďtilesĒ for ultimate performance with no wrong notes; a dynamic self-regeneration-capable multi-touch instrument with expression control, aftertouch control and improved velocity control for each harmonic Tile



 PadBoard: a dynamic pad-based board (ala MPC) controller that is dynamically re-built according to user-selected scale with MIDI input and output support, expression, aftertouch, pitchbend and sostenuto support, and Transposition Setting



 Individual MIDI channel selection support: enabling you to control up to 3 different external instruments at a time



 nChord is compatible with all DAWs that support MIDI



 nChord is compatible with all hardware and software instruments that support MIDI



 nChord features a state-of-the-art, ultra-ergonomic user-friendly interface and workflow.



Please check the only two Technical Requirements section on the front page


And also check the screenshots below with additional information







And with your active support, more features coming soon...

Additional screenshots

nChord v3 - HeartEater

intro celebration !!

temporary 30% off*

Order NOW!!*

Just $49

($69 after intro promo)


By buying and/or visiting this website,

you accept the License and Terms

( bottom of this page)

* All prices in USD. All† prices are subject to change without notice *** All requests and orders are usually processed within the same day/24-48 hrs. on busy days.

If you acquired a v1 license on or after 8/29/2014, contact us for a FREE UPGRADE TO V3; if not:


INCLUDED IN {nChord v3 - HeartEater}: ChordLibrary

INCLUDED IN {nChord v3 - HeartEater}: ScaleLibrary

INCLUDED IN {nChord v3 - HeartEater}: PadBoard

INCLUDED IN {nChord v3 - HeartEater}: ChordBank

INCLUDED IN {nChord v3 - HeartEater}: NoteBoard

INCLUDED IN {nChord v3 - HeartEater}: TileBoard

INCLUDED IN {nChord v3 - HeartEater}: Functions & Settings

INCLUDED IN {nChord v3 - HeartEater}: ModBank

INCLUDED IN {nChord v3 - HeartEater}: Progression Analytics